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December 5th Ribbon cutting ceremony was a big success!

December 5, 2023 Gardens of Hope was officially opened with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The event was attended by The leadership team of The Gardens of Hope 501c3, The Perris Chamber of Commerce, Perris Mayor Vargas, Representative from California State Senate. Donors, practitioners and instructors all to witness and celebrate our opening of this resource to the community.

We were able to give a T-shirt to all attendees thanks to a donation of 1000 pieces by Gildan Tshirts and Money Merch and orchistrated by Lisa McNabb. We now have T-shirts for volunteers, Donors, and a fundraiser!!

After the Ceremony, the guests were treated to a garden tour by Joe Grumbine and ended up in the Microgreen house to explore the nutritious world and also a fundraiser for the org!

The event concluded with snacks for everyone and some music to enjoy conversation and networking. The seeds are now planted and Classes have begun along with our Seniors Garden Club

I want to thank everyone that came out and shared this day with us and encourage you to check back regularly as we're working on this site daily and we have a lot to share!

remember our Youtube channel and Instagram / Facebook are regularly updated as well and We are a part of the Healthy Living podcast community. please come by subscribe and listen! Contact us if you're interested in participating or learning more!

Thank you for helping bring our dream to life!

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