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It's Time!

Hi there, it's Joe Grumbine with Gardens of Hope. I'm excited to announce that we're just about ready for our "Grand Opening" ribbon-cutting ceremony, and then it's official. I have already begun to schedule classes and workshops.

I know that the calendar is going to fill up pretty quickly, and as this community grows, there will be a lot of value to instructors and practitioners to have a beautiful venue with a built in community of like-minded people.

I've been talking with many practitioners in the past months, and I can't wait to see some yoga, reiki, meditation, sound bath, prayer circle, and any number of sessions to be scheduled. I am also looking for instructors to teach classes and workshops on any topic involving health, healing, gardens, farming, permaculture, or any other topic that fits our common goals.

If you're even thinking about being a part of this team, please take a minute and answer a few questions or schedule a call to go over your plan!

This dream is moving quickly, and those who enter in the beginning will hold a special place in our history! Thank you in advance!

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28 nov 2023
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