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Ayurveda part 2: Vata – The Energy of Movement

In our first blog, we discussed a brief overview about Ayurveda. We will now explore further the

important Principal Energies. Ayurveda holds the idea there are three energy principals which

are found in all living things. Together all three of these principals, when applied correctly, help

the body and mind stay in balance. Everyone possess all three however one is more dominant,

then second and then third is usually less prominent. It is important to learn and understand

how they work. In this blog we will explore Vata the energy of movement.


Ayurveda emphasizes energy balance. This balance contributes to strong immune capabilities

enabling the body to fight disease and sickness. Vata plays a significant role in all the energy

found on the cellular level. The energy required for getting nutrients into the cell and the

elimination of toxins from the cell, along with muscle movement, heart pulsation and


Deeper Dive:

Of the three energies, if Vata is the dominant energy in the body, there will characteristics to be

aware of. For instance, during the change of seasons especially Fall is when this energy peaks

during the year. It is during these times that attention to foods and activities is most important.

Concerning activities, stability and routine are beneficial in maximizing the flow of energy. It is

important not to overextend oneself and avoid imbalance in these areas. People who are Vata

dominant must be on guard of diet, dry weather, cold weather, and getting proper rest. Positive

aspects of a dominant Vata are mental alertness, creativity, active lifestyle.

Important Keys:

There are general guidelines to maintaining Vata balance.

Diet – keep consistent regular mealtimes, avoid cold or raw foods, avoiding sugar, eat warm

food and spices

Weather – Keep warm and avoid extreme cold

Lifestyle – Implement routines, get adequate rest, meditate, avoid caffeine and tobacco

Wrap up:

Those that are Vata dominant are usually described as energetic and creative. They’re known

for thinking outside the box but can become easily distracted. What’s more, their mood is

highly dependent on the weather, people around them, and foods they eat

For those unfamiliar with this ancient knowledge, it is urged to explore and adopt many of the

principals into your own life and experience the many benefits Ayurveda offers.

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