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Bigger, Stronger, or Better

We live in exciting times. Discoveries in all fields of science are coming to light faster than we can process, yet, the secrets to health often elude us. I have been working with plants and their healing compounds for more than thirty years now, and if it's one thing I've learned, it's that more isn't always better. I started extracting the cannabis plant in 1989, and I remember like it was yesterday when my roommate told me about his aunt. She was undergoing chemotherapy due to late-stage cancer and was suffering. She struggled to eat and sleep, significantly diminishing her quality of life. I offered to share some tincture I had made because I had read an article that claimed cannabis could help relieve nausea. I know from experience that it can help with appetite and sleep. She was in her seventies and was a "God Fearing" woman, and I didn't know if she would be open-minded to try. She tried it, and it did help dramatically. I can't help but wonder if we had known then what we do today if she might have tried the oil and maybe could have recovered. I received a message from this woman thanking me and blessing me with a place in her prayers, and I experienced the first taste of positive feedback, which has fueled my journey to create and share tools that promote healthy living.

Safe and effective!

While natural and herbal remedies are often a safer alternative to Pharma solutions, More is not always or even often better. More often than not, when I meet a client or anyone on the same journey toward a healthy life, natural solutions are the last resort. We have been trained to "Listen to the professionals." Go to the doctor and get a shot, and heaven forbid if you question their methods. "Caution: May cause (insert any number of horrible side effects including death) is on the bottom of most prescription labels, and if you don't believe me, go to your medicine cabinet and check for yourself. However, when these same people discover "Safe and Effective" herbal and mineral supplements, Sometimes they go off the deep end. I can think of only a few things that are hard to over-consume. Water, Broccoli, and Kale come to mind. Massive doses of anything are seldom the answer. However, if you have been diagnosed with cancer and have the opportunity to consume a quality cannabis oil extract, I would encourage you to take all you can handle; however, this oil has a built-in system to govern overconsumption. You get really high and go to sleep.

Recently I saw a product that inspired this post. A CBD oil with 6000mg in 30 ml. This gave the consumer 200 mg per 1ml dropper. I thought, 'Why would anyone take this much in one sitting?" A drop rather than a dropper would be suitable for some people, and that would make enough sense, but knowing people's habits, I doubt this to be the case. I have known enough people who have had adverse effects from over-consuming too many herbs that were toxic to them. This sometimes had a dramatic impact, from sleeplessness to headaches to organ failure. I will be writing and speaking about these topics in the future as this journey is as much an art as it is a science, and we are all so wonderfully unique that there is never a single solution to any problem. I have been working with the CBD molecule, both isolated and in its natural form, since we became aware of its existence, and one of the reasons that I've given so much time and effort to learning and compounding with this "miracle molecule" is that it doesn't have an LD50 or a lethal dose. However, this doesn't mean that if it can't kill you, then if you take more, you will get more benefits.

It is always a good practice to titrate, or for practical purposes, take a little and pay attention to what you experience, then take a little more until you find the best result. This is true for everything, including making food. Many herbs are best used in small concentrations, and the combined effect or "entourage effect" makes a formula effective. The "Kitchen Sink" approach is seldom the best answer, and thus I hope that you take from this post the notion to be mindful of what you take. Think of fentanyl and aspirin. Both can be highly effective at the proper dose, but you will never find a 6000mg aspirin. A parting note is that my experience with CBD is that a relatively small amount (10-40mg) is suitable for most people, and a larger dose will likely have a diminished return, such as with topicals.

For consumables, sometimes, a larger than optimal dose can cause an adverse reaction. If a little can help you sleep, then too much may cause you to be unable to sleep. If it works, please keep on; if it doesn't, you can try something else. This may be an oversimplification, but if you find a good resource for quality products. Consider them to be a valuable resource. Pay attention to your habits, diet, and what you consume on your path to a healthy life!

A note: I am sharing my experiences here in the "Healthy Living" community and invite you to do the same. I am currently scheduling guests for the podcast and welcome submissions to the blog!

Finally, if you're interested in a one-on-one conversation to discuss a plan involving healthy living, a formula, a business plan, or anything related. Click Here

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