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Blueberries and Volunteers

Gardens of Hope 501c3 has been operating for over three months, and we're so proud to share our progress. Thanks to the picturesque location provided by Willow Creek Springs in Perris, Ca, we have begun to build a sanctuary for animals and people. It's been relatively easy, as Liz and I have been working on this land for more than 25 years already.

Therapeutic horticulture and education is our mission, and we're bringing both by way of two initial projects. 1 we've built a carrot and beet garden for the fresh juice brought by "Liquid 4life. A formal sponsorship will be presented soon! We also refurbished our shade house, where we sprout and transplant seedlings.

We decided to organize our first volunteer appreciation field trip. We're going to the Temecula Berry farm to learn about and pick blueberries. Volunteers and sponsors are eligible to attend. If you wish to sponsor a volunteer and attend or donate so our volunteers can participate, please Click here!

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