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Doctors Recommend and Studies Show

How many times have you seen these and other similar quotes? I can remember when the "Flu" was usually treated with some good old-fashioned "Jewish Penicillian" or chicken soup and maybe some hot lemon juice with honey. Even in those times, marketing "studies" were easy to find and if a "Doctor" recommended it then it must be good, right?

I sometimes wonder how our lives would be different if we weren't bombarded with content that is carefully crafted by the big marketing companies hired by the even bigger pharma companies.

Medical school curriculum is created and dispersed by pharma companies and many doctors have degraded to highly credentialed drug dealers. So when something is "Doctor Recommended," what is the message, really? Did you know that the endocannabinoid system is still not widely taught in medical school physiology classes yet this system is acknowledged and studied by scientists worldwide.

I propose that we conduct some studies of our own. Here in this "Healthy Living " community and I invite Doctors and practitioners of all modalities of healing arts to participate. Let's decide what we wish to study and set the study to find the truth rather than prove a marketable point. There are no limits to this except the ones we place so I invite you to participate in setting up, overseeing, or participating in a study that involves any aspect of healthy living,

The first step is to come together then we will set a virtual meeting to plan further.

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