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How is your "Entertainment Diet?"

You've heard the old saying, "You are what you eat" We consume a lot more than physical food in our lives and Mind, Bodies, and Spirits. In this equation, The body is only one-third of the whole yet so much focus of health is on the healthy body.

Long-time Friend and Disabled Veteran Lora Roberts Has some thoughts on the subject.

How is your “entertainment/information diet”, healthy/unhealthy; wholesome/processed?

Along with the food we eat and the medicine we consume, our “entertainment/information diet”,

what we consume with our ears and our eyes, is also important for a good wholesome healthy

life. Is there a tv show, movie, book, newscaster, or radio show host that you just cannot watch

or listen to without cringing or getting angry or upset? Maybe there is a real good reason, maybe

it is really not good for you and your morality parameters are warning you. We all have built-in

sinners' guilt, so maybe your conscience is legitimately trying to tell you something.

We are affected by the environments we live in, work in, and play in as well as the people we

hang out with and what we talk about with them. Recently there was yet another Hollywood

fiasco, with those who get paid way too much to entertain others, on a show that is now just one

more unneeded political forum of people who are entertainers playing at politics. I purposely

know as little as possible about the incident because what I find disturbing are the odd, divisive,

destructive comments by those who should be being entertained but are again being riled up to

act out and be offensive themselves. It is truly one more incident of distraction from the actual

seriousness going on in the world in a very negative unhealthy way. One more Hollywood

incident caused division and separation of the general population.

So, instead of playing right into that, and sharing these things,(even with comments such

as “oh this is terrible” while sharing it) how about trying a healthier option like removing the post,

not commenting on it at all and, not even discussing it with anyone, therefore lessening your

own and others' possible unhealthy reactions to it, by not glorifying the incident or those involved.

After all, it is Hollywood, not to say anything has ever been staged or faked coming out of

Hollywood....regardless, it is unhealthy for all of us to regularly consume this kind of


Choosing to put down, step away from, the sources of such negative, degrading,

unhealthy entertainment/information such as the phone, television, computer, tablet and

choosing instead a more positive healthier source of entertainment/information, for even a part

of the usual time one spends on said devices, is going to contribute to an overall healthier

emotional, physical, and mental lifestyle and way of thinking and communicating with others.

Choosing to go outside, to go on intentionally casual walks; building, fixing, creating, making

something; doing something nice for someone else: reading a book, yes even the Bible, are all

healthy positive wholesome activities that we should regularly include in our

WholeHealthyLifeDiet. Matthew 6;21 Matthew 12;34

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